Aq P

Previous Model No: UPB

Specially formulated polyethylene foam waterseal expansion joint. Where traditional waterseals leak (at junctions and upturns), AqP uses simple, quality welding technology. When correctly installed the system provides a 100% waterproof expansion joint seal. It has UV inhibitors for longevity and is tested to a 3 metre head of water, making it ideal for concrete swimming pools and dams. AqP can be used in conjunction with Unison coverplate and firerating systems. It is suitable for most types of construction including internal and external expansion joint waterproofing: Multi-story carparks, rooftop carparks, hospitals, retail centres, amenities, stadiums (especially plats), convention centres. (See also Brawny-N)



  • UV stable
  • High movement range
  • 100% waterproof seal
  • Pedestrian friendly support for:
  • High Heels
  • Shopping Trolley

Compatible Finishes

  • Epoxy
  • Exposed Concrete