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Previous Model No: UACA

This floor joint system is a derivative-design of the widely used FxC. It employs composite centering-bar technology, and can be easily integrated (Butt-joined) with the FxC at changes in floor finish. FxCA offers less obtrusive visual presence than other systems. It is ideal for use in convention centres, department stores, corporate rooms and other floor spaces where carpet floor finish is used.

Indoor Outdoor Trolley Safe
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Multi-directional Fire Rating


Concealed Fixings Thermally Dynamic High Capacity Low Maintenance Bead blasted cover plate Slip resistance Class V Tested to AS4586 2013

Standard Finish




Cover Plates

Mill Finish Aluminium Clear Anodised Stainless Steel

Cover Plate options

Aluminium Coverplate

Stainless Steel Coverplate

Fx50CA Fx50CAS
Fx70-100CA Fx70-100CAS

ISO9001:2015 Certified

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