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Dz T

Previous Model No: UADT

This coverplate system is designed to house floor-finishes up to 16mm thick. The installed system presents minimal visual impact. Traditional recessed-coverplate EJ systems are quite deep and wide. They need large concrete rebates which can be difficult to achieve. DzT requires a substantially smaller concrete recess. It can house a range of floor finishes, and accommodates substantial movement. Suitable applications are tiles, terrazite, vinyl, carpet and epoxy floors... in buildings such as convention centres, shopping malls, airport terminals, hotels, museums. The system is supplied assembled.

Indoor Outdoor Trolley Safe
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Multi-directional Fire Rating


Thermal & shrinkage movement Concealed fixings Minimum visual impact High Capacity

Standard Finish




Cover Plates

Mill Finish Aluminium Clear Anodised

Cover Plate options



ISO9001:2015 Certified

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